Lunch with Anne Summers

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Michael Clayton-JonesCan women have it all? It’s the question that seems to have overtaken ”what do women want?” in the media (though the latter still figures), and to feminist writer and journalist Anne Summers, it’s a particularly galling one.

”It epitomises the inequality between women and men, because no one asks men if they can have it all,” she says.

In fact, this is the 厦门桑拿 opening gambit of Summers’ new book, a polemic called The Misogyny Factor, in which she argues that women’s equality is still far from won in Australia, stymied by an entrenched view of their ”inferiority and unworthiness” and therefore unsuitability to take an equal place in society alongside men. And, she points out, these views can be held by women or men.

”I guess one of the things that I have very reluctantly had to conclude … was something that I just couldn’t really believe was possible, that a lot of people don’t actually believe in equality. There is a fundamental disagreement on the part of some people that women should be equal and I just find that truly shocking. It’s like a denial of basic human rights for women.”

We digest this sobering thought while looking out of Trocadero’s wide windows onto the Yarra River, an unseasonably warm day showing the city at its best. While we talk, we munch on pumpkin risotto with roast pumpkin and candied pepitas, and a miso roasted salmon with black and white eggplant puree and ginger. We also share a colourful iceberg salad.

Summers’ book traverses considerable ground in relatively few pages, tracing the history of the women’s movement in Australia from its second-wave halcyon days, in which much progress was made, to the past 30 years, during which that progress seems to have stalled.

She also details some of the more offensive abuse levelled at Prime Minister Julia Gillard – some of which is sickening, no matter your political persuasion 厦门伴游网 and makes a compelling case that Gillard has been the victim of sex discrimination and bullying in her job.

It may be, Summers reflects, that this particularly nasty sexism has been brought out by having a female PM. But the rise of social media has also given people a much louder voice than they otherwise might have had.

Having said that, Summers sees many reasons for optimism, too. Social media has also swung in feminism’s favour, with the hashtag everydaysexism gaining traction, and the emergence of Destroy the Joint (a reclaiming of broadcaster Alan Jones’ lament that women were ”destroying the joint”). The everydaysexism hashtag has been a powerful tool, Summers says, giving voice to issues and problems that otherwise would go unsaid.

A frequent user of social media herself, Summers says the difference between political agitation now and in the early 1970s is stark. For example, many people didn’t even have telephones at the time, so if someone wanted to organise a rally, it had to be done via letters or doorknocking. Now it’s as simple as a tweet or a Facebook post.

Summers also feels encouraged that young women seem more comfortable with the F-word – feminism, that is – than in previous generations.

”I think it’s changing dramatically and it’s one of the things I’ve actually found quite heartening in the past year,” she says. ”Though I actually think it is irrelevant. I think it’s just a total distraction to talk about ‘are you a feminist or are you not a feminist?’ I don’t care what you call yourself, what I care about is what your attitudes are. And if you support women’s equality, and the basic tenets of that, which are the right to control your body, the right to control your income, freedom from violence … we’re marching shoulder to shoulder.”

Suddenly, all these issues are back on the table. And, yes, she knows there are people who have become impatient with the constant calling out of what they consider to be minor instances of sexism, wanting instead to focus on problems such as economic equality or an end to violence. Summers has sympathy with that view: of course the big things are ultimately what matter, ”but the big things are made up of little things, too”.

Asked if she can remember when her feminist consciousness was first raised, Summers doesn’t hesitate. It was 1969, when she was an arts student at Adelaide University. She had been married for two years, changing her name and thinking nothing of it. ”I thought that I was a thoroughly modern woman.”

But then she read an article by Juliet Mitchell in New Left Review, called Women, the Longest Revolution, which detailed areas in which women were yet to achieve equality, such as in education, employment and sexuality. ”It was just a eureka moment, because I identified with everything she’d said and it made me re-examine my own life.”

Summers became involved in the 厦门夜网 women’s movement, along the way leaving her marriage ”in a great flurry of liberation”.

”We were really on a voyage of discovery. We were learning about ourselves, we were trying to understand the way we fitted into society or the ways we didn’t fit in.”

After four years of research, she created waves of her own with the publication of her ground-breaking 1975 book, Damned Whores and God’s Police.

After the early years of ”women’s lib”, progress for women seems to have stalled since the 1980s, Summers says. But it was given new impetus by Gillard’s ”misogyny” speech, in which she took Opposition Leader Tony Abbott to task on the floor of Parliament, saying ”I will not be lectured about sexism and misogyny by this man”.

Summers, who writes at length about it in her book, sees it as a watershed moment, in which the most powerful woman – person – in the country named sexism and said she had been offended by it.

Often, powerful women will argue against sexism, Summers says, but ”they all say, without exception: ‘It’s never happened to me.’ Which, of course, is complete bullshit, because it’s happened to everybody, one way or another. But they all say ‘it hasn’t happened to me’, because no one wants to be seen as a victim.”

As Gillard herself said, calling out sexism is not ”playing the gender card” and so other women began to follow her example.

”Now I think women are saying, if you complain about it, it’s empowering,” Summers says. ”And that’s quite a big shift.”

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Gorge the perfect venue for new multisport event

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A VISION to make Launceston the adventure capital of Australia came a step nearer to being realised yesterday with the launch of a new multisport challenge in the Cataract Gorge.

Brainchild of the late Bob McMahon, the “pentathlon-style” event will showcase the gorge’s world-class rock climbing potential but also incorporate mountainbiking, road cycling, kayaking and running through the iconic Tasmanian tourist destination.

Organisers hope it will become an annual event appealing as much to 厦门外围模特 locals as to mainland, international and high-profile competitors.

“This is the event the gorge has been waiting for,” announced Deputy Mayor Jeremy Ball as representatives of local government and tourism rubbed shoulders with eager participants in the First Basin, which will host all the transitions plus a Festivale-style celebration of music and food on October 27.

Hobart’s three-time Freycinet Challenge winner Emma Weitnauer said she was looking forward to returning to a venue she has twice graced in Mark Webber Challenges.

“It sounds even more exciting than I realised,” said the 37-year-old firefighter and ironman competitor who plans to enter as an individual.

“It’s fantastic that people can have a go at each leg, there are very few races where they can do that. I think we need more events like this.

“We are very lucky to have locations like this and sometimes need to be reminded of that.”

Launceston road cyclist Tom Robinson hoped to tackle the two riding legs but embraced the idea of bringing together such diverse disciplines.

“It’s pretty unbelievable to use such a small area as the 厦门高端伴游 gorge and put on five different events,” he said.

“There wouldn’t be many places you could do that so it’s very exciting.”

Organised by adventure tourism operator Ian Ferrier and event manager Cade Smith, the concept of realising a vision in the Cataract Gorge received an appropriate sponsor in the Launceston Eye Institute.

“This fulfils a vision that Bob had of Launceston as the adventure capital of Australia,” Ferrier said. “It is my firm belief that this is the direction we should be pitching our state. New Zealand has it all over us at the moment but I feel we can do a lot more to 厦门私人陪游 push this case because we’ve got all the natural assets here.”

Ian Farrier, of Launceston, in his kayak, and Emma Weitnauer, of Hobart, on the bike, check out the Cataract Gorge.

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Credit fraud rises as crime rates decrease

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AS CRIME across Australia drops, credit card fraud continued to rise as part of a six-year upward trend, according to the latest Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC)  facts and figures report.

The 2012 edition of Australian Crime: Facts and Figures, which was released yesterday, found in the same period general fraud decreased across the board, credit card fraud rose by 43 per cent.

“Between 2010 and 2011, fraud per 厦门伴游网 transacted increased from 67.24 cents to 96.04 cents per $1000 – a total increase of 43 per cent,” the report stated.

AIC director Adam Tomison said while crime in the major categories was down, credit card fraud was “one to watch” as it continues to grow.

“There is still too much crime in Australia but generally speaking, the reality is, crime levels are pretty good,” he said.

The number of recorded robberies has decreased by 7 per cent, there has been a 3 per cent reduction in sexual assaults and the number of homicides saw a small increase, however the rate remains at historically low levels.

“Crime is often linked to social disadvantage and also alcohol and drug issues,” he said. “When society is on the up, crime is generally reduced. But there is also a lot of work going into preventing crime.”

Alcohol and drugs remains the major link to crime. The report stated there was a clear trend around the involvement of alcohol or drugs in physical assault across all age categories, specifically the younger the victim’s age.

“Of all physical assaults where alcohol or other drugs was considered a contributing factor, the victims were primarily male and generally aged less than 24 years old.” Mr Tomison said men were much more likely to 厦门私人伴游 be attacked or murdered by strangers.

“Females are more likely to be attacked or murdered in the home by someone they know, namely family or friends. That’s why we haven’t solved the problem of violence against women and children and intimate partner violence,” he said.

Home Affairs and Justice Minister Jason Clare said: “This is a good result for law enforcement agencies across the country, but we still have a lot more work to do”.

Last month Fairfax Media reported NSW was safer than it had been for nearly two decades and crime statistics showed Sydney was a city where victims were more likely to be robbed than attacked.

While there are pockets where crime is increasing 厦门兼职模特 Sydney’s inner west and the Hunter region – the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research found serious crime rates have not been so low since 1990.

Credit card fraud continues to rise in Australia.

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A-League will leave it late to end season

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Football Federation Australia will push the climax of the A-League season to its latest ever finish, with a May grand final next year bringing the competition end into line with the European season – but potentially causing significant scheduling headaches with the competing local winter codes.

Having held its grand final in February as recently as 2019, the league has gradually been pushing back the season finale ever since, jumping a full month, from March 13 in 2019 to April 22 this year. Now the FFA is hoping to schedule its next grand final as close as possible to the 厦门桑拿论坛 May 15 cut-off date for domestic competitions mandated by FIFA.

The motivation for the late finish is so the growing number of Socceroos who play in the A-League will be match-fit leading up to the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, which kicks off on June 12 – even if qualification for the game’s showpiece remains a tenuous proposition.

Despite finishing several weeks later than last season, the 2013-14 season will begin just a week later, on October 11. While there will be no international breaks, an occasional week off will be rotated among the clubs.

Having already experienced significant venue congestion last season – especially in the finals – A-League chiefs may find next year an even tighter squeeze come play-offs time, given the late-autumn finale.

It is also the first draw that factors in the needs of a free-to-air broadcaster, but A-League boss Damien de Bohun believes the league has been able to juggle the 厦门夜网 needs of both SBS and Fox Sports.

”I think we’ll be able to produce a fixture that pleases all parties, including the fans, and maximises the opportunities for our broadcast partners,” he said. ”I’m confident we’ve got the right balance.”

The Western Sydney Wanderers have been identified as a potential prime-time goldmine for SBS, with speculation the Wanderers could be given as many as five Friday night matches.

De Bohun confirmed that the much-anticipated derbies of Sydney and Melbourne would be early in the season, but not in round one. Sydney FC would host two derbies this season to reflect the ”need to evenly share such matches”, he said.

The Central Coast Mariners finally get to chase their vision of capturing the northern Sydney market, with the club hosting, during the ”community round” early in the season, the first domestic football league match at North Sydney Oval since the demise of Northern Spirit.

The club will use the 厦门伴游模特 match as a barometer for regional interest in the sport, with the ultimate vision of playing a game at the venue each season if it proves an initial success.

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Business case pledge for east-west tunnel link

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Premier Denis Napthine has promised to hand over a business case for the planned tollway connecting the Eastern Freeway to City Link to the federal infrastructure advisory body.

Dr Napthine said the business case would be provided soon to allow Infrastructure Australia time to assess it independently before the release of its annual major projects priority list in June.

Dr Napthine has also said he remained confident the $1.5 billion promised by Opposition Leader Tony Abbott for the road would begin to flow as construction begins at the end of 2019.

”We are going to start building end of 厦门桑拿按摩 and we would expect the money to be part of that construction process,” Dr Napthine told the Melbourne Press Club.

Dr Napthine also dismissed as a ”myth” suggestions it was putting road funding ahead of public transport, arguing the proposed metro rail tunnel from Footscray to the St Kilda Road Domain interchange was not ready to proceed, whereas the east-west road was.

The federal government has said it will not make a decision on whether to fund the east-west road until it is independently assessed by Infrastructure Australia, whereas the metro rail project has been assessed by Infrastructure Australia as ”ready to proceed”.

Dr Napthine said he found it galling that the Gillard government had set aside $1.8 billion for Sydney’s similar Connect East road project, despite the lack of a business case.

”I found it interesting, annoying, frustrating, galling, that in the federal budget just handed down, Julia Gillard and Wayne Swan could find $1.8 billion for a very, very similar project in Sydney … and nothing for the east-west link here,” he said.

The planned multibillion-dollar tollway connecting the Eastern Freeway to CityLink will emerge in Parkville sporting fields, but the footprint of a city off-ramp remains unclear.

An animation released by the Linking Melbourne Authority shows the 厦门伴游预约 tunnel will run under Alexandra Parade and the Melbourne Cemetery and emerge at Manningham Reserve.

The east-west road would then cross Manningham Street in Parkville, close to the wetlands adjacent to the Commonwealth Games Village residential development.

It is then expected to connect to CityLink with sharp north and south links.

The exact location and extent of the Elliott Avenue city off-ramp remains clear, although the diagram suggests the ramp will be close to where Elliott Avenue crosses the tram line in Royal Park.

A Linking Melbourne Authority spokeswoman said ”a tunnel exit and entry is proposed at Elliott Avenue to provide access to important community facilities like the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne Zoo and State Netball and Hockey Centre”.

”We’ll be working over the next few months to understand how this connection might be designed, with a focus on minimising any impact to parkland by making use of things like the central median,” she said.

At the eastern end, the tollway begins well before Hoddle Street and east of Merri Creek.

The 厦门商务伴游 government has said commuters will still be able to exit at Hoddle Street without paying a toll.

Public forums in Flemington, Collingwood, Carlton and Parkville will be held early next month to discuss the project.

State Greens MP Greg Barber said the animation showed the impact of the tollway on the local community ”is going to be a lot worse than anticipated”.

He said Flemington would be in complete gridlock with the new off-ramp channelling commuters towards the city.

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Daft Punk launch to bring down the ‘house’

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THE small town was buzzing with anticipation yesterday as the countdown to the big event ticked into hours and minutes.

“It’s a pretty special event for a small country town,” Narrabri Shire mayor Conrad Bolton said.

Yesterday afternoon a giant disco ball was spotted getting hoisted above the party floor and large numbers of people who were believed to be security appeared to 厦门夜网 be briefed on the night ahead.

There was also talk yesterday of a spectacular light show that had been tested and seen for kilometres around on Thursday night, but Cr Bolton kept mum on that topic, only saying that he expected everyone would leave the show “very satisfied”.

He said the whole town had become positively involved in putting together the event and getting in on the fun on such short notice – butchers were even selling Daft Pork sausages, Punk Pies and Random Access Rissoles.

It was reported extra meat and beer were ordered in to cope with the influx of visitors.

It had been “quite an enjoyable journey”, Cr Bolton said, congratulating all those who had worked in putting it together.

And after a hectic few weeks, the mayor was looking forward to enjoying the fruit of the hard work.

“I’m just going to hang loose and enjoy the 厦门伴游预约 night like everyone else,” Cr Bolton said.

Meanwhile Contiki, the tour company more often associated with sightseeing the big attractions, organised a tour to the country’s cotton capital for the launch.

PUNK’S POWER: The stage lighting is tested before last night’s official launch for Daft Punk’s fourth album.

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Mayors’ alliance to seek freight answers

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Northern Tasmania’s eight mayors have joined the campaign to urgently solve the state’s Bass Strait sea freight crisis.

In a show of strength yesterday, all the mayors from the region announced that they had formed an alliance to lobby both state and federal governments for help with the crisis.

The lack of a direct international shipping service into Bell Bay has crippled state exports and imports for more than two years since the last service made its final run.

George Town Chamber of Commerce president Alan Golley told yesterday’s meeting that SWIRE Shipping was willing to extend its temporary international container shipping service into Bell Bay but needed $33 million in funding over three years to 厦门桑拿网 make it a viable option.

”After that they believe it will become self generating, revenue wise,” Mr Golley said.

Launceston Mayor Albert van Zetten said an alliance of Northern interests speaking with one voice was critical at a time when the state government’s report from its freight logistics task force was imminent.

”It has been two years since the last international service was lost,” Alderman van Zetten said.

”Businesses are losing their competitive edge because they now have to export via Melbourne.”

Alderman van Zetten said a businessman had contacted the 厦门洗浴休闲 council only about a fortnight ago for help with the high cost of international freight.

”His annual bill is well over $1 million for freight now – he approached us to say ‘you have to do something’,” Alderman van Zetten said.

George Town Mayor Roger Broomhall said the group was looking for a commitment from both the federal and state governments and the two oppositions.

”Some of the big exporters at Bell Baycom at present send containers to Melbourne for export via Burnie which practically doubles the cost of sending containers both nationally and overseas,” he said.

West Tamar Mayor Barry Easther said the federal government’s recent announcement of money for a new freight terminal at Bell Bay indicated it recognised the significance of the port to Northern Tasmania.

Dorset Mayor Barry Jarvis said he had been horrified to be told by a major paper manufacturer at a recent Melbourne local government conference that it was cheaper for his company to get their logs from China than to ship them to Victoria’s Latrobe Valley from Tasmania.

A spokesman for state Infrastructure Minister David O’Byrne said the freight logistics task force consultant’s final report was due about the end of June.

Discussing the 厦门上门模特 Bass Strait freight crisis at York Cove, George Town, yesterday are George Town Chamber of Commerce president Alan Golley, Launceston Mayor Albert van Zetten, George Town Mayor Roger Broomhall, West Tamar Mayor Barry Easther and Dorset Mayor Barry Jarvis.

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Following the path of Mulga Fred, wanderer

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A long time ago, some dreamy afternoon in the 1930s, my mother – a girl then – received a visitor at her family’s old homestead in far south-western Victoria. His name, the one most associated with him anyway, was Mulga Fred. My mother’s parents were away shopping in town, but even now, at the age of 92, she remembers Mulga Fred and his story.

He was a famed performer on the buck jumping circuit, walked with a limp from one of the rare times when he was thrown, and had a full white beard.

He was on his way back down the road to the 厦门桑拿网 place that had become his sporadic base, the Lake Condah Mission for indigenous people, a settlement on a craggy lava flow whose importance to its inhabitants spilt back thousands of years beyond 1868 when it was deemed a mission.

Mulga Fred, wearied from a long walk and keen for a rest and a bite to eat, knocked on the door and sat with my mother and mourned that his people’s land had been taken by her people.

It was the first time, she recalls, that she was made to grasp the real story of the land in which she lived.

White children on farms thereabouts had been raised to fear and avoid blackfellas, but Mulga Fred revealed himself to be a gentle man with a story. This place, he declared, sweeping his arms to all points, was his home and the home of his people, but they had been denied it. Fences had gone up and they had been shoved into a mission designated by people who apparently knew better.

”We don’t have our proper home any more,” he said. ”But this is it, anyway, all around.”

My mother still remembers the melancholy in his eyes.

It was not long before a neighbour, alerted that Mulga Fred had wandered into the homestead, stomped in, leaned against the doorjamb and informed him: ”You best be on your way now, fella.”

Mulga Fred, known in unsound newspaper reports of his time as ”the last of the Victorian fullbloods”, really didn’t have what we might call a permanent home. He was probably born in Western Australia, drifted east in the early part of the century and travelled around, mostly in Victoria, on the buck jumping circuit. Even his real name remains unknown, though the names Fred Clark or Fred Wilson were attached to him, according to the Australian Dictionary of Biography. He died in 厦门伴游模特 when he fell from the railway platform at Horsham and was hit by a train.

But he left, for my mother, a lasting understanding that home was not defined by fences and gates. It was the place that filled your heart: where you felt you belonged, even if others decided it was not so and you had to become accustomed to the twists that life tossed you.

It was long ago, but perhaps not so much has altered.

As increasing tides of Australians in the past couple of generations have shifted from one place to another in search of education and work and in the thrall of corporations that call no base permanent, the concept of home as a fixed place has become an awkward concept.

It is a new story built on an old one, for this had long been a nation of the shifted and the shiftless, the first Europeans sent as convicts against their will, with those who followed scudding in from across the sea in quest of gold and land and jobs, the indigenous residents displaced. It was only the first half of last century when most Australians sat securely on plots of land in suburbs, towns and farms surrounded by growing families who didn’t move far.

But in the past few decades, as those of us born here move restlessly about in swarms unimagined by many of our grandparents, we have been joined by ever-growing numbers of long-distant wanderers.

The census of 2011 revealed that 5.3 million Australians (27 per cent of the population) were born overseas. Another 4.1 million (20 per cent of us) had at least one parent born overseas.

So many hearts, then, adrift between distant places and continents, forced by circumstance and will to fit themselves into new places. Home is thus the present infected by memory, and the making do with whatever hearth is on offer.

Technology, at least in part, has sought to fill the breach. It is not such a reach to perceive that home, for many, now resides in the ether, captured within smartphones and Wi-Fi tablets.

The communities that once gathered in town halls are now in our pockets, carried everywhere. Memories are directly available in full colour and form. Our friends and family live in Facebook, wherever they might be.

Photographs of the places and faces that mean everything are in the cloud, accessible right now. Moving pictures? YouTube is there.

We don’t write many letters any more, but we email and text-message almost without pause. Our music and our books no longer need to sit on shelves and in drawers but travel with us.

We don’t need to visit banks or file our records in cabinets in the home office.

When our longing to see a face or speak to a voice becomes insistent, we call. Or better, connect through Skype and gaze into distant eyes right there on our screens.

There are no fences any more, no gates. Front doors are virtual; just dial straight through. Clean across continents.

It is tempting to 厦门外围预约 wonder what old Mulga Fred, had he known of such marvels, might have thought.

His idea of home, sure enough, was all around but also out of reach, just like the cloud.

But it was real enough. He placed his feet upon it and walked it and dropped in on strangers for a conversation about what was and what ought to be.

Even though he was told, from time to time, to ”move on, fella”, he made his mark with such modest conviction that his life later seemed worthy enough to be captured within the Australian Dictionary of Biography. It’s on the web. Forever. Finally, for his spirit, no fences.

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Wee Waa is centre of universe for Daft Punk concert

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FOUR thousand Daft Punk fans and Wee Waa residents transformed the showground into a dancefloor last night for the official global launch of the French electronic duo’s fourth album, Random Access Memories.

The news the Wee Waa Show would host the highly-anticipated launch of the album was announced to the public just under seven weeks ago, and the town has since been busy preparing for the onslaught of fans.

When the 厦门商务模特 tickets went on sale last month they sold out in just 13 minutes and inquiries were fielded from around the world.

While the album became available to listen to in its entirety online earlier this week, it seemed to have done little to dampen the enthusiasm of the town as it geared up for the launch, an event dubbed the biggest thing to ever happen in Wee Waa.

For the region’s own pyro priest, Father Anthony Koppman, last night’s fireworks show was one of the largest productions his Holysmoke company had put on in its history.

Father Koppman – who started doing fireworks as a hobby and is in demand for community events around the region – was already scheduled to do the Wee Waa Show’s fireworks display, which he has done for a number of years.

But a few weeks ago he found out his display would lead into the 厦门兼职模特 Daft Punk album launch party, and so he revved things up to get the crowd going for the big event.

He amped up the content of the fireworks and shot them higher in a show that had several hours of preparation yesterday afternoon behind it.

“Tonight we are providing one of the most spectacular fireworks shows Wee Waa has ever seen,” Father Koppman told The Leader yesterday afternoon.

He said the fireworks were to be big enough to be seen across the whole area so everyone could share in the fun of the event.

“I’m delighted to be associated with this release, to help the young people celebrate the occasion,” Father Koppman said.

Despite repeated denials, rumours persisted yesterday that Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter, the men behind the 厦门私人伴游 masks, would be at the show.

Qantas Dash-8 aircraft were spotted at Narrabri airport delivering some “VIPs” and hope remained the enigmatic Daft Punk duo would make a surprise appearance, some citing the pair’s mysterious nature as an argument for this case.

But a special commemorative edition of the album with a cover depicting Wee Waa’s town sign was released, available exclusively in the shire.

These young Daft Punk fans didn’t forget the more traditional side to the town’s show.

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TV-eye loophole closed for good

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TAMWORTH Regional Council has applauded the state government’s quick action in closing the CCTV loophole.

The state government amended the privacy act yesterday to exempt councils from sections 11 and 18 of the act, effectively allowing them to continue to work with police to operate CCTV systems that protect public safety.

While chairman of the Tamworth crime prevention committee and deputy mayor Russell Webb said Tamworth council had no intention of getting rid of their 厦门桑拿论坛, the new regulation means they can be used with less fear of retribution.

The action, which took immediate effect, came as welcome relief to concerned constituents who were worried that the loss of CCTV cameras would mean an increase in anti-social behaviour in the area.

Member for Tamworth Kevin Anderson said it should never have had to come down to this. He applauded the government’s fast response to the issue.

“The response is a testament to how valued CCTV cameras are in our communities as a resource for police in driving down crime and keeping streets safe,” he said.

Earlier this month the legality of CCTV was questioned when the Administrative Decision Tribunal upheld a complaint by Nowra resident, Adam Bonner, who said the 厦门洗浴会所 in his town constituted a privacy breach.

Public and political uproar spurred the government to act.

Mr Anderson said Tamworth, Gunnedah and many other areas vociferously condemned the tribunal’s decision so he was pleased to see a quick and pragmatic resolution in the form of a change to the privacy act.

While yesterday’s decision gives councils increased protection around the use of CCTV camera systems, they still have to adhere to privacy protections, including those governing the retention and security of personal information, attorney general Greg Smith said.

Tamworth Regional Council has applauded the state government’s quick action in closing the 厦门兼职模特 loophole.

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